New IAC Camp Properties Usage Packet

Activity Roster Form

Camp Properties Usage

Campsite Selection Sheet

The Istrouma Area Council (IAC) has published a new Camp Properties Usage Packet (ASR-50). The packet is used to reserve campsites and facilities at the Avondale Scout Reservation (ASR) near Clinton and the Carruth Scout Preserve (CSP) in Port Allen. These documents replace all older camping permits.

As you are planning your next visit to the ASR or CSP, read over the new packet and pay close attention to the Camp Properties Usage Procedures, as there have been a number of changes in these procedures. Familiarity with procedures and early planning will increase the quality of your visit.

The new IAC Camp Properties Usage packet consists of five pages. The packet includes:

Pages 1 and 2 - a two page Camp Properties Usage Procedures section which includes expectations, instructions, procedures, and general information for all camping and activities occurring on council properties.

Page 3 - a one page Camp Properties Usage Request/ Permit sheet which includes available facilities at all five camps on the Avondale Scout Reservation and Camp Carruth on the Carruth Scout Preserve.

Page 4 - a one page Campsite Selection Sheet with a listing of all campsites available in each camping area.

Page 5 - a one page Activity Roster which will allow units easier check-in/check-out at the properties.

In addition to the new usage packet, usage fees have been revised to reflect the cost of operation and maintenance of our expanded and improved facilities. Direct support is for water/electricity/gas usage, additional janitorial personnel, janitorial supplies, as well as maintenance and upkeep.

The Avondale Scout Reservation and Carruth Scout Preserve staff continues to work to make your stays at our camps more memorable and enjoyable. We hope that you notice and make use of the improvements and benefits offered at these facilities. If we can be of any assistance to you concerning our camp properties, please contact us at the ASR office in Clinton at (225) 683-3489 or email