Resource Materials

Reducing the language barrier allows Hispanic American parents to participate in Scouting while their children are still young. For this reason, the following Spanish language resources, several in the bilingual format, have been developed to help councils promote Scoutreach in Hispanic communities to their fullest advantage.

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New! Boy Scouts Recruiting Flier
Scouting ... Vale la Pena Service Award (No. 521-193)
Using this award application helps councils to recognize outstanding services by an adult individual or an organization for demonstrated involvement in the development and implementation of Scouting opportunities for Hispanic American/Latino youth.

New! Cub Scout Program Helps in Spanish
Download September, October, and November now. More months to be posted here soon!

General Support Publications

Fast Tracks: On the Advancement Trail, "Hey Den Leaders, Take a Look" (No. 13-300)
This bilingual brochure for Cub Scout leaders helps explain the basics of the web-based Fast Tracks advancement program for dens.

The Values of Men and Boys in America: A Call to Action for Parents (No. 02-095)
This Spanish-language brochure for parents presents the findings of the landmark 1995 Louis Harris & Associates study, which showed that Scouting experience has a positive effect on values and achievement.

Hispanic Demographics for the 21st Century (No. 02-972)
This fact sheet is especially useful for presentations to prospective chartered organizations and volunteers.

Serving Migrant Families Through Scoutreach (English) (No. 11-215)
This booklet is designed to provide youth-serving executives with some best-method approaches for serving migrant youth and their families.

Your Organization and Scouting (No. 94-003)
This bilingual promotional brochure demonstrates to organizations that serve the Hispanic community how Scouting is a viable resource program for addressing community needs and concerns.

Your Son—A Great Treasure (No. 94-018)
This excellent bilingual promotional piece shows Scouting's involvement in the Hispanic American community. Can be used with families and potential chartered organizations.

How Scouting Dollars Serve (No. 94-027A)
This translation of the English brochure outlines how Scouting programs are funded. Useful for presentations to prospective volunteers and chartered organizations, and in fund-raising.

Drugs: A Deadly Game (No. 94-054)
Guide to the BSA's campaign to encourage youth to repudiate drugs.

Certificate of Appreciation (No. 94-055A)
Spanish-language recognition certificate for adults.

Marketing to Hispanic Americans in Your Local Council (No. 94-070C)
This booklet acts as an essential guide for youth-serving executives on how to conduct Hispanic emphasis in the council.

Personal Health and Medical Record in Spanish (No. 94-085)

Scouting: It Works for Your Youth (No. 94-098)
This bilingual brochure explains to prospective Scouting parents, volunteers, and community organizations how Scouting's programs develop character in youth.

Join the Adventure! Join Scouting! (No. 94-099)
This bilingual brochure offers parents a closer look at the exciting elements of the Scouting program.

Scouting: It's Worth the Effort! (bilingual print ad) (No. 94-104)
This ad is designed to promote Scouting in the Hispanic community, with special emphasis on family values.

Scouting! It's Worth the Effort (bilingual poster) (No. 94-110)
This poster is designed to promote Scouting in the Hispanic community, with special emphasis in family values.

What Is Scouting? (Spanish video) (No. 94-124)
This video is designed to give Hispanic parents an orientation in the Scouting program, emphasizing their involvement in their son's program. Hispanic Scouting volunteers give personal testimonials as to the importance of Scouting in their sons' lives.

Guide to Safe Scouting (No. 94-210)
Spanish version of the unit leader's guide for current BSA policies and procedures to safe activities.

Training for Cub Scout Leaders

Cub Scout Leader Specific Training Video (No. 94-220)

Cub Scout Leader Specific Training Manual/CD-ROM (No. 94-221)
This Spanish version of the Cub Scout Leader Specific Training video, manual, and CD-ROM provides the trainer with five different courses related to the specific Cub Scout positions for Cubmasters and assistants, pack committee chairmen and members, Tiger Cub Den leaders, Cub Scout Den leaders and assistants, and Webelos Den leaders and assistants.

New Leader Essentials (video) (No. 94-230)

New Leader Essentials (manual/CD-ROM) (No. 94-231)
This is the Spanish version of initial training for all new adult leaders. It gives an overview of the core elements of Scouting, including the organization's mission, aims, and methods.

Cub Scouting

Staging Den and Pack Ceremonies (No. 94-017)
This is a Spanish translation of the book of ideas for good opening, closing, advancement, graduation, and other special ceremonies that make Cub Scouting events more meaningful.

BSA Family Book (No. 94-081)
This Spanish-language book describes the BSA's family program and includes discussion topics for family meetings and activities.

Cub Scouting: It's Not Just for Kids (video; 8:32 minutes) (No. 94-100)
This Spanish video encourages parents to get involved in a pack committee leadership capacity.

Cub Scout Requirements (No. 94-195)
This Spanish supplement for parents is to be used in conjunction with their child's Wolf, Bear, and Webelos books. It also includes Bobcat requirements and the Youth Protection Parents' Guide.

Cub Scout Leader Book (No. 94-217)
This is the Spanish version of the handbook for leaders in Cub Scouting. It helps them understand their leadership roles and provide useful program ideas for organizing and running pack and den meetings.

Cub Scout Leader How-To Book (No. 94-218)
This revised Spanish version provides leaders in Cub Scouting with ideas and instructions for den and pack games, crafts, projects, and various outdoor activities.

Cub Scout Program Helps
The annual Cub Scout Program Helps is such an important resource for Cub Scout leaders that it has often been called "the foundation for successful Cub Scouting."

Tiger Cub Handbook (No. 94-219)
This is a full-length Spanish version of the handbook for youth and parents in Tiger Cubs.

Training for Boy Scout Leaders

Basic Leader Training Materials
The following Spanish-language resources help train new Boy Scouting leaders in effective troop leadership skills and guides them to personal growth experience as leaders.

Boy Scout Advancement (video; 40:48 minutes) (No. 94-091)

Boy Scout Advancement (viewer's guide) (No. 94-092)

Summer Camp Boy Scouting (video; 9:40 minutes) (No. 94-095)

Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training (video; 24:22 minutes) (No. 94-222)
This Spanish version of the Boy Scouting Leader Specific Training video goes along with the training manual (No. 34879) and addresses a Scoutmaster's/assistant Scoutmaster's interaction with the troop's youth leaders and other Scouts.

New Leader Essentials (video; 33:47 minutes) (No. 94-230)

New Leader Essentials (manual/CD-ROM) (No. 94-231)
This is the Spanish version of initial training for all new adult leaders. It gives an overview of the core elements of Scouting, including the organization's mission, aims, and methods.

Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training (manual/CD-ROM) (No. 94-241)
This is the Spanish version of the manual used for training Scoutmasters and assistant Scoutmasters. This manual gives detailed and practical ways for troop leaders to utilize the eight methods of Scouting in their program.

Boy Scouting

Boy Scout Requirements (No. 94-011)
This booklet lists in Spanish the requirements for merit badges, rank advancements, and Eagle palms, and highlights recognitions for special opportunities.
Aims and Methods of Boy Scouting (No. 94-026)
This bilingual brochure explains how the elements of Boy Scouting follow the program's unique aims and methods.
Boy Scout Mini Handbook (bilingual) (No. 94-111)
This resource is designed to fit into a Scout's pocket or backpack to serve as a temporary record of advancement achievements until they can be recorded in the Scout's handbook.
Boy Scouting: It's Not Just for Youth (video) (No. v 94-125)
This video in Spanish is designed to give parents an orientation on some of the key positions of a troop committee.
Troop Program Features (Spanish) (No. 94-125)
These three Spanish-language manuals give troop leaders program ideas related to advancement that can help with planning, organizing, and conducting troop meetings. This resource replaces all previous meeting plans for Boy Scout leaders.

Youth Protection Materials

These Spanish-language materials are designed to increase child-abuse awareness in the family structure through community organizations.

Youth Protection Guidelines (video and leader's guide) (No. 94-126)
This is the Spanish-dubbed translation of the full-length Youth Protection Training for Leaders.
Boy Scout Youth Protection Parent Guide (Spanish) (No. 46-072)
Spanish translation of the Youth Protection Parents' Guide found in the Boy Scout Handbook.
Cub Scout Youth Protection Parent Guide (Spanish) (No. 46-073)
Spanish translation of the Youth Protection Parents' Guide found in all Cub Scout handbooks.


La Familia de Scouts (No. AV-07V001)
This bilingual videotape tells how Scouting is ideally suited to the values and culture of Hispanic Americans. Great for organizing new units, showing to community organizations, and cultivating Hispanic leaders.
Hispanic Opportunity (No. AV-07V003)
This VHS videotape helps find the common ground that Scouting shares with the Hispanic community and emphasizes the common values and aspirations. Designed to be shown to a professional staff and key volunteers serving the Hispanic community.
Hispanic Visions: Beyond the Street (No. AV-07V011)
Hispanic community leaders and Scouters present their cases for Scouting in urban areas. For use with prospective chartered organizations at the unit level.

Past Recipients of the Scouting ... Vale la Pena Service Award