Scouts are encouraged to serve in their communities September 1–10, 2011, using the suggested service projects and posting them to Web and social media channels. In addition, these activities should be recorded in the Journey to Excellence service program. On September 11, Scouts are encouraged to gather as groups and invite non-Scout friends to watch the movie New York Says Thank You, which tells the story of the first responders to the New York City terrorist attacks and which features Scouts from the Little Sioux tornado tragedy.

Unleash the Power of Our Scouts

Things to do:

  • Select, plan, and schedule your service project between September 1 and September 10.
  • Use Twitter, texting, email, and Facebook to spread the word.
  • Post your service project ideas and event pictures on, your council’s Facebook page, or other social media.
  • Use the Scout Surge graphics available on
  • Gather as a group on September 11 (invite non-Scout friends) to watch the movie New York Says Thank You.
  • Purchase the Scout Surge 911 patch.

Ideas for the event:

  • Hold a ceremony to properly retire an American flag.
  • Visit a local fire, police, or EMT facility and present them with a Flag of Honor or another appropriate expression of thanks.
  • Conduct a service project in honor of or memory of 9/11/01 first responders.