Speech Templates

The following suggested speech templates are provided in Microsoft Word format so that you may customize each speech to reflect examples from your local council and your personal experiences.

100 Years of Scouting
Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity, to celebrate and communicate a Great 100 Year History of Scouting! 100th Anniversary Speech (DOC), 100th Anniversary Speech (RTF), Powerpoint for 100th Anniversary Speech (PPT) and Powerpoint for 100th Anniversary (PPT 1997-2003) 

The call to volunteer (Rick Cronk's vision), the importance of the Boy Scouts and their volunteering efforts (doing a good turn daily), and the power of being a mentor.

Building Our Youth
BSA's efforts to provide a healthy environment for children, including mentoring and awareness of issues that face children (child protection, health, wellness, equipping them to make wise choices, etc.).

Scouting's Tradition
The movement's rich history, heritage, and the impact Scouts have made on our country (presidents, astronauts, and everyday heroes).

Scouting Heroes
How Scouts receive important training to be heroic—both in extraordinary situations (e.g., Hurricane Katrina)—and in everyday lives (honor, courage, and honesty).

The Faith of Scouting
Why it's important to believe in something bigger than you and use it as a motivation for what a Scout is (trustworthy, honest, brave, etc.).

Support Scouting
The importance of Americans supporting this storied organization and agreeing on the impact it's made on America.

Rotary & BSA
Since their inception, Rotary International (1905) and the Boy Scouts of America (1910) have been partners in serving young people. The principles and goals of both organizations are closely allied and captured in this speech template. Concepts like character-building; service to country, to others, and to self; teaching leadership skills; and becoming aware of the world around us are common to both organizations.