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  • Maintenance Logs - indicates past and upcoming changes to the BSA Web sites. Check these logs periodically (at least once per month) to learn what's new and keep your links up to date.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Provides answers to some of the more common issues facing council Webmasters, including details that may be lacking in other resources.
  • News and Updates - Add (or remove) your address to the mailing list for news and updates pertaining to national Web sites and council resources.

The resources in this directory are provided for those who are involved in creating and maintaining Web sites for local Scout councils.

BSA Policy and Guidelines

Guidelines for Local Council Web Sites: Short Version and Detailed Version
Councils that operate Web sites are expected to comply with these guidelines.
Also see the FAQ about these guidelines
Advice for personal and unit Web sites
To assist local councils in providing guidance to individuals who wish to operate Web sites on behalf of their Scouting units, the National Council is providing this information below to address a few key issues.
The Language of Scouting
The Language of Scouting provides information about the terms and style associated specifically with Scouting and grammar, spelling, and style norms. Use this as a reference to ensure correct and consistent use of terms on your council Web site.
Use of Organization Identity and Program Symbols
Review this guidebook to ensure you are using BSA logos and artwork properly and consistently. This guide also contains digital files of logos and other signature/trademark art.
Also see the FAQ about this item

Resources to Include in Your Site

"What's Hot" Feed
The stories that appear on the BSA Home page under the header of "What's Hot" are also delivered in a format that can be read by various software and included in other sites.
Training Modules
Instructions for offering online training modules (Fast Start, Youth Protection) via your council site.
Also see the FAQ about this item
A number of applications and forms (such as tour permits, medical, etc.) have been exempted from the ban on publishing supply items online, and are available in PDF format.
Other Resources
These items are "invisible" on the BSA Web server, but you may link to them from your council site.

"How-To" Articles

How to Include Material in Council Web Sites
Instructions for including information from the National Council Web site within the context of your council sites. This technique enables you to present information that we maintain while keeping site visitors in your own site.

Other Information

Official Web Sites
A list of Web sites that are operated by the National Council.
Presentations made at the National Annual Meeting regarding the Internet and Web sites.