Training Modules

We are currently in the process of consolidating all of our training into a single "portal" type interface. Presently, some courses are offered through the portal, others are old-style self-contained training modules. The latter will eventually be completely assimilated into the former.

Online Learning Center

The Online Learning Center ( at is intended to be the "portal" to all online "learning" materials. This will include not only courses that users may take for credit on line, but also not-for-credit instructional resources. In time, our aim is to provide a single point of reference for all training and instructional materials.

For-Credit Online Courses

The following courses can currently (ads of March 2007) be taken online for "credit":

  • Cub Scout Fast Start
  • Boy Scout Fast Start
  • Venturign Advisor Fast Start
  • Youth Protection Training (see note)
  • Safety Afloat
  • Safe Swim Defense
  • Troop Committee Challenge

By "credit," we mean that the user's record in our member database will be updated to reflect that they have completed the course online (in cases where the user provided a member number as part of their access account, and that the information they provided could "match" them to their member record).

Offering Access To Your Members

To provide access to your members, you may "frame in" or provide a link to the Online Learning Center ( You may opt to link to specific courses or items there, but in that case, your menu will need to be manually updated when new material is added.

It should also be possible for you to link to the e-learning course management system (at, but this includes only the for-credit online courses (and not the not-for-credit resources on the OLC site).

For most courses, no additional action is needed on your part - but see the note regarding Youth Protection Training.

Technical Support

The online learning center and the content of the courses are maintained by the BSA Webmaster, who can provide assistance to you or to any of your members who experience problems with the courses ... but please see the FAQ on Training Modules for answers to some common questions before making the call.

The e-learning course management system is managed by Information Systems. Should users have problems logging in, creating an account, or viewing the screens on that system. The council office will need to contact the help desk at national to get assistance for members who have difficulties with that system.

Note: a good way to tell which system the user is having difficulty with is to view the URL of the page: material on "" is managed by the BSA Webmaster, whereas material on "" is managed by Information Systems.

Additional Information/ FAQ

There is also a page about training modules in the Frequently Asked Questions section.


Note: Youth Protection Training

For most training courses, there is no action needed on your end (other than to create a link) to enable your members to take the course. However, Youth Protection Training provides users with information about reporting procedures (whom to contact if abuse is suspected) - and as laws differ from state to state, we cannot offer a generic set of procedures. Therefore, each council must provide a document detailing the procedures in their area so that their members may take the training online.

For more information, including instructions for providing and updating your local reporting requirements, click here.

Resources: Youth Protection Training
For most training courses, there is no action needed on your end to enable your members to take the course (other than to create a link to the...