Alternative to Trails End Scholarship Fund                 

Ramsey Popcorn offers an alternative program to the scholarship program.  We have established a Gift Cheque Program to award high sales achievement.  There is extra value in this type of program as the Scout gets the reward immediately and it can be used for anything (deposited into any savings program for college, exchanged for cash at a bank, or to make purchases at most retailers.)  With a scholarship-type program, if the Scout chooses not to further their education after high school then they forfeit the entire scholarship fund.  


For Scouts that are current participants in a 6% scholarship fund through past sales achievement, they can continue to receive benefit through CAMP MASTERS or receive the CAMP MASTERS prize at the corresponding level, they will not receive both.

For selling CAMP MASTERS, here is what they need to do:

1.         The Council has them complete a Sales Achievement form (copy attached) and note on the form they are applying for the 6% program.  This form is used for Sales Achievement of $1,500 and up.  However, for participation in the scholarship program we know their sales can be less than the $1,500 required on this form.  Their participation is based on past sales and we will honor their participation in that program. 

2.         Total Sales must be noted on the form.

3.         Council must attach a copy of the report for the Scout’s scholarship fund (or some other document that verifies they are current participants in the scholarship program).

4.         Council must sign the forms to verify accuracy.  Council will submit this form along with all other sales achievement forms to Ramsey.

5.         For Scouts choosing to stay with the “Scholarship” equivalent program.  American Express Gift Cheques in the amount of 6% of their total sales for the year will be issued to the Scout.  These Cheques will be cashed by the recipient and the money may be used in any manner.  Some put the money in interest bearing accounts, others use the money to purchase pre-paid college educations in the states that have such programs.  There are no restrictions on the use of the money. 

NOTE : Only a Scout previously qualified and enrolled in the Trails End Scholarship program is eligible for the 6% Gift Cheques payment.  Qualified Scouts must choose the Gift Cheques payment or the CAMP MASTERS incentive program offered to all Scouts. Once an eligible Scout chooses the CAMP MASTERS incentives, he may not return to the 6% program in the future.

6.         Important – In order to qualify for continuation, the Scout must submit a form the first year that the Council sells CAMP MASTERS.  If a Scout does not add his name to the list of participants for the 6% program then the next year he will not be eligible.